Agile Workers-Site Based FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked by those staff who are categorised as Agile Worker – Site Based.

Do I need to return to an office if I can work from home?

If your role is categorised as Agile Worker – Site Based it means your service has determined that your role has a permanent NLC location as a base and your role is carried out across a number of locations across NLC. Whilst you may be able to work from home on occasion, the majority of your work will be done in locations out with your home.

What does Agile Worker – Site Based mean?

It means you will have a base location which you can use to access desk space, welfare facilities and where your colleagues will also be located. This is your base for mileage purposes and is an NLC building. But you will also be agile, which means you will be out and about undertaking your role across North Lanarkshire and so can access other facilities such as other NLC buildings and Hubs. You may also occasionally be able to work from home if your home is set up for this and your role determines it is necessary, and in discussion with your line manager.

What is the difference between agile and hybrid?

Hybrid workers work in an agile way as well but their main base location is their home and their role means that they generally spend more time at home than they do at other NLC locations. They have a service area available to meet their team and others or to undertake some of their work, but their main base is home, and they are covered by the Hybrid Working scheme.

Where will I be based?

Your service will let you know where your base location is.

Will I have to book space?

You won’t have to book a space in your base location but if you want to access other agile spaces across NLC, you may have to book a desk or meeting space. More details on this per location can be found on here

Is there guidance for how to book a desk?

Yes, this can be found on myNL

Do we operate to a 1m distance in offices now?

Yes, this will be in place within employee only areas in line with the risk assessments of that location.

Are Face Coverings Required for Accessing, exiting and moving around buildings?

Yes, until further notice this is required.

How many days do we require to work in an office?

There is not a set number of days noted for Agile Workers – Site Based. Roles for people in this category are generally out and about at various locations across NLC for a large part of their time. Depending on your role, you may be in your service base location at the beginning and end of the day, for specific meetings or supervision or to access welfare facilities. If you are unsure, your line manager will be able to discuss this with you.

Updated on 3rd March 2022

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