Approaching staff to support essential services

Availability for work

Where an employee is available for work, either because their work has been stood down or they are working from home in a less time sensitive service, they should be approached by their manager to discuss the provision of temporary support to one of our current essential service areas.

Essential services

These services are determined by the Gold group and include work in housing, community hubs, shielding support and home care.

There are other services that may require additional resources on an ad hoc basis including business support and admin roles. Some support is also required to the NHS.

Demand will be assessed by services and coordinated by the ESC Redeployment team.

Where working patterns or other changes are required to essential services to support increased demand, please discuss with your HR Business Partner prior to the change.

Approaching staff

Employees should be encouraged to support these essential services in a way that allows them to contribute without feeling fearful or under pressure.

It is reasonable to ask them to support services by undertaking roles similar to their own or they may volunteer to embrace a role that is completely different.

Managers should encourage employees to be as flexible as possible and try to use them in a way that allows them to continue to work and to get satisfaction out of what they are doing.

Employees with an underlying health condition who are currently isolating should not be approached to undertake any of these roles.

Employees will receive all appropriate training and equipment for the role that they are aligned to and all risk assessments will be undertaken, health and safety standards adhered to and guidance in relation to social distancing implemented where appropriate.

They will receive appropriate remuneration for the role including additional compensation if the role is of a higher grade or they are asked to do additional hours. See this guide for more information.

It is important through appropriate matching and training that we ensure our essential services are covered and use under-utilised staff as much as possible to do this. 


Where it is agreed that staff will provide support in an alternative service to their own, the ESC Redeployment team should be informed by email mailbox.

We will shortly be using reports to identify services who have staff available for work and the ESC redeployment team will contact managers directly to ask that staff are approached to assist in supporting essential services.

Requesting Resources

If you are a service who requires workforce resources, please click here. 

Updated on 9th April 2020

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