Book a Coronavirus test

The Employer Referral Portal is being decommissioned by the Scottish Government with effect from 26th February 2021. This means employers will no longer be able to refer employees for testing and all tests should be booked via the self-referral portal

All employees who are symptomatic, or who are living with someone who is displaying symptoms, can arrange for themselves or their household members to be tested via the self-referral portal. There is an option to indicate on the self-referral portal that you are an essential worker if applicable.

For employees in Health & Social care and Education testing without having symptoms can still be accessed via the self-referral portal.

You must self-isolate and cannot attend work whilst you are waiting on a test or test results.

The test results will be either sent by text or email to you, and you must inform your manager of the results on receipt (usually within 48 hours of being tested).

Updated on 13th December 2021

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