Caring Responsibilities

Staff caring for a dependent who has been advised to self-isolate

If a member of staff contacts you because they have to care for a dependent outside the household, not a child, (if they are in the household, they should be self-isolating for 14 days, see further guidance in Household Isolation) who has been advised by their GP or NHS to self-isolate, special leave may be granted in line with the Special Leave Policy under section 21 – Other Special Leave.  Up to 10 working days, at full pay, may be granted. 

All special leave linked to self-isolation for the coronavirus must be recorded.  Employees should request this leave via mySelf and Managers should authorise through myTeam, in line with the Special Leave policy. Details on how to do this for employees and for managers can be found here.

If you have any issues with this recording, should contact the People Helpdesk. Call 01698 403 151 and press 1 to be taken directly to an advisor or email the People Helpdesk team detailing the name and employee number of the employee, the date the period of special leave commenced.

Caring for children

The enhanced provision, of up to a maximum of 20 working days special leave which was implemented at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, will cease effective from 11th August 2020. Employees who continue to require access to special leave for childcare should request this through the Special leave policy which can be found here.

Leave can be granted via the Special Leave policy. Special leave should be requested under Section 21 – other special leave.

For teacher special leave provision, the application of special leave will be in line with the leave of absence of teachers, Appendix 1, Special Leave (c) (iii).

Time off for this reason should be discussed with you as the manager in the first instance and the employee should apply via mySelf. A guide on how to do this can be found here.

Special Leave

Further information on specific reasons where special leave should be granted, directly linked to COVID-19 is available here.

Updated on 11th August 2020

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