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COVID 19 – Guidance for Pregnant Employees

Previously the Scottish Government took the decision to place pregnant women in a high-risk category due to the associated risks of COVID-19 at work.  However, as we learn to live safely with COVID-19, the guidance for employers is being regularly reviewed, relaxed and updated. 

Please see below for the current guidance and the changes that will come into effect on 31 May 2022.

From 31 May 2022

The COVID-19 Highest Risk List will end on 31 May 2022.  This success of the vaccination programme and the availability of new medicines to treat COVID-19 mean that the majority of people on the high-risk list, including pregnant women are at no greater risk of Covid than the general population.

As such, from 31 May 2022 there is no requirement for managers to conduct an Individual High-Risk Assessment for pregnant employees.  Managers should now undertake the normal pregnancy risk assessment for pregnant women which can be accessed here.

If you have any questions regarding pregnant employees, please contact a member of the Employee Relations team at EmployeeRelationsTeam@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 17th May 2022

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