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Covid Recognition Day FAQs

Are part-time employees eligible for the
additional day’s leave?


I am a temporary member of staff, am I entitled to the day?

Yes, if you were in the employment of the Council on 9 June 2022.

I’ve just started in the Council, am I entitled to the day?

Anyone who was employed by the Council on 9 June 2022 or before, is entitled to this day.

Are Casual Workers entitled to the day?

No, you must be an employee of the Council.

I work a mixture of long and short days, what day can I take?

You can choose what day to take as long as it is agreed with your manager and taking into account service delivery requirements

I am a teacher, how do I get the day off?

This is still being discussed with the trade unions and you will be advised in due course.

Can I take my day as two half days or in hours?

No, the purpose of the day is to give you a full day of rest.

I am a term-time worker (not a teacher), when do I get the day?

If you work for Facility Support Services, you should discuss this with your line manager, but you should get your requested day as long as it can be operationally accommodated. For all other term time workers in schools, discussions are ongoing with the trade unions as to whether or not an inservice day will be used for this purpose.

I have more than one job with the Council, so how do I get the day off?

If you have more than one job with the Council, you only get one day off which may mean that you are on leave from multiple posts on the same day. You do not get a separate day for each job you do.

I have an employee who is leaving employment with the Council and has not utilised their day, do we pay them for this?

No, the principle is for the day off to be enjoyed, therefore a person leaving the Council should be advised to use it or they will lose it.

If someone is on long term sick leave, do they lose their right to the day off?

No, they should have time to take the extra day on their return to work. If they do not return to work, they will not receive compensation for it.

What happens if my manager won’t authorise the day off that I want?

As with any other leave, this must be approved by the manager and in line with service requirements.

Updated on 28th April 2023

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