COVID-19 Recovery

The Scottish Government is still on track to lift all restrictions by 9th August 2021. Whilst this will allow us much greater freedoms in our personal and social lives, as a responsible employer North Lanarkshire Council are keen to continue with some restrictions to keep all our staff safe and avoid workplace transmission of COVID-19, in the short term.

In discussions with the Senior Management team and trade union colleagues, it has been agreed that despite changes indicated by Scottish Government, NLC will instigate very few changes to the ways we are currently working, for the majority of our services, for at least the next three months.

Home Based and Agile-Home Based staff

This means for those working from home, this will remain the default. If you do need to return to an office for a wellbeing or work based reason, please discuss with your line manager in the first instance.

If agreed, arrangements will be on a limited basis and in line with the booking of workspace. See here for more information on the workspace booking app.

Agile-Site based and Static-Site Based staff

And for those working across our frontline services, additional measures including the wearing of face coverings, 2 metre physical distancing and appropriate PPE will continue to be in place in line with risk assessments.

In some services where interactions with the public are a frequent occurrence, this will prove challenging as they will be aware of the lifting of restrictions and may wonder why our employees are not doing the same.

We must remain polite and professional and explain that these extra precautions are to keep us and the public safe while still delivery on the services we have committed to provide.

Some Exceptions

It is recognised that there are some exceptions to our plans especially for services where the easing of restrictions will increase service availability and require staff to respond to this.

This includes 1 metre physical distancing in some of our public facing environments including Active and Creative Communities. Services in this category will be in regular contact with local trade union representatives to ensure all relevant mitigating measures are in place and risk assessments kept under review.

See below for a quick guide on the measures still in place in our workplaces.

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