Mobile phone cleaning


With a clear focus on personal hygiene at the moment, it is strongly advised to maintain a high standard of frequent handwashing and for the lengths of time that are being widely recommended.

With this in mind, it is important to keep your mobile device clean and sanitised. The information below should be followed if and where possible:

  • Ensure device is unplugged from any charging cable and switched off.
  • The most effective cleaning solution is that of regular household soap and a microfibre cloth. Dampen the cloth and apply a small amount of liquid soap by gently rubbing into surfaces of phone. This should be done at the start and end of each working day/night.

Mobile phone manufacturers do not recommend the use of chemicals, hand gels or abrasive wipes as there is a risk of damaging screen.

Whilst it’s appreciated that access to soap and water may not always be available whilst employees are undertaking their respective duties, regular handwashing and sanitising will reduce the likelihood of germs being spread from the device causing harm. If regular handwashing is not maintained then cleaning of mobile phones will prove ineffective.

Updated on 7th April 2020

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