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Pay Award 2021/22 FAQs (Teachers)

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about the 2021/22 pay award for teaching staff.

What pay rise has been agreed?

The 2021-22 pay award for teachers and associated professionals has been agreed as follows

For those with current salaries below £80,000:

Effective Date % Increase
01/04/2021 1.22%
01/01/2022 1.00%

What is the payment processed as SNCT Teacher Payment?

This is a one-off non-consolidated payment of £100 to each SNCT member of staff (pro-rated for part-time and taking account of service in the period 01/04/21 to 31/03/22). Payment is only based on contractual hours therefore any additional hours worked will be calculated and paid at a later date.

Why have I not received the arrears that I think I am due?

With backdated pay increase teachers’ pension is recalculated based on the rate that would have applied had it been processed on time. The system will calculate the total amount of pension due based on the increased pay and deduct the difference previously paid as back pay. Below are the pension rates for 2021/2022.

Actual pensionable pay for the eligible employment for 2021/2022 Contribution percentage rate
Up to and including £28,309 7.2%
£28,310 to £38,108 8.7%
£38,109 to £45,186 9.7%
£45,187 to £59,884 10.4%
£59,885 to £81,659 11.5%
£81,660 11.9%

How will the backdated arrears appear on my payslip?

Arrears will be shown for each element as (Back Pay) on your payslip.

I have a Cash Conservation

If your Cash Conservation commenced prior to 1 April 2021, you will be conserved at the salary rate at the start of the conservation. This effectively means there will be no increase in your pay.

If your Cash Conservation started between 1 April 2021 and 31 December 2021, you will be conserved at the new salary rate, but you will not receive the increase for 1 January 2022. If your conservation started after 1 January 2022, you will be conserved at the January 2022 rate.

Will my arrestment deductions be affected?

Yes, you may pay a higher contribution than normal in the period where your arrears are processed. This is because the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987 states that deductions are based on the earnings in the period regardless of when they are earned.

Will my Universal Credit be affected?

There is a chance your UC claim may be affected as your earnings will higher than normal in your qualifying period. Further guidance is available on myNL

Will my AVC be affected?

If you pay a percentage contribution to your AVC, your AVC amount will increase due to the new salary and any arrears that are pensionable. If you pay a fixed amount, there will be no change to your deduction unless you wish to increase it to reflect your new salary. You should contact Prudential to do this.

Do leavers qualify for arrears?

Anyone who has left NLC between 1st April 2021 and the implementation date will need to contact the Payroll and Pensions Team to request arrears are paid. This can be done by emailing ESCPayrollPensionTeamMailbox@northlan.gov.uk. You must include your name and NI Number or employee number and confirm if your bank details have changed or not. The Payroll & Pension Team will notify SPPA of any leavers who have requested their arrears.

Who do I contact if I think my pay is wrong?

Any queries should initially be logged through the People Help Desk by email on ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 25th April 2022

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