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Pay Award 2021/22 FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about the 2021/22 pay award.

1. What pay rise has been agreed?

The 2021-22 pay award has been agreed as follows and will be backdated to 1st January 2021 for NLC, Culture Leisure NL, NL Properties and Chief Officials employees:

(Based on 37 hour Full Time Equivalent)
Salaries up to £25000 have been awarded a rise of £850.
Salaries between £25001 and £40000 have been awarded 2%
Salaries between £40001 and £80000 have been awarded 1%
Salaries over £80000 have been awarded £800

2. Why have I not received the arrears that I think I am due?

Part of the negotiation for this pay award stipulated that the increase was based on an FTE of 37 hours per week. Previous pay awards have been based on a 35 hours FTE. This means that for 35-hour staff receiving the flat rate of £850, the equivalent for you is £804.

The salary brackets above are also based on 37 hours, so there may be some scenarios where the increase is less than expected. For example, 35-hour staff on SCP39, earning a salary of £38250 will receive a 1% increase as the 37 hour equivalent salary is £40435, meaning only a 1% increase is due

3. How will the backdated arrears appear on my payslip?

Arrears will be shown for each element as (Back Pay) on your payslip. There may be occasions where manual intervention is required, and this will appear as Basic Pay Arrears or Overtime Arrears.

4. Will my arrestment deductions be affected?

Yes, you may pay a higher contribution than normal in the period where your arrears are processed. This is because the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987 states that deductions are based on the earnings in the period regardless of when they are earned.

5. Will my Universal Credit be affected?

There is a chance your UC claim may be affected as your earnings will higher than normal in your qualifying period. Further guidance is available on the Pay Award 2021/22 page on myNL.

6. Will my AVC be affected?

If you pay a percentage contribution to your AVC, your AVC amount will increase due to the new salary and any arrears that are pensionable. If you pay a fixed amount, there will be no change to your deduction unless you wish to increase it to reflect your new salary. You should contact Prudential to do this.

7. I used to work for Culture Leisure NL, what happens to my arrears prior to TUPE transfer?

Arrears from 1st January to TUPE date will be calculated manually and paid through your NLC employee number. It will show as Basic Pay Arrears or Overtime Arrears on your payslip. Any earnings since transferring to NLC will be processed as per our normal procedures detailed in Question 3.and in line with the CLNL pay award decision

8. Do leavers qualify for arrears?

Anyone who has left NLC between 1st January and the implementation date will need to contact the Payroll Team to request arrears are paid. This can be done by emailing ESCPayrollPensionTeamMailbox@northlan.gov.uk. You must include your name and NI Number or employee number and confirm if your bank details have changed or not. The Payroll & Pension Team will notify SPFO of any leavers who have requested their arrears, but this will only be done on a quarterly basis (at SPFO’s request).
Employees who worked with Culture Leisure NL and did not transfer under TUPE to NLC are also required to request any arrears in writing confirming their details as noted above.

9. Who do I contact if I think my pay is wrong?

Any queries should initially be logged through the People Help Desk by emailing ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 17th December 2021

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