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Pay Award 2022/2023

The 2022/23 Local Government pay settlement was agreed on 25th October 2022 and is scheduled to be in place and paid with a backdated award as follows:

Pay FrequencyPay Date
Four Weekly15/11/2022
Monthly (0411MO) 11/11/2022
Monthly (0410MO) 24/11/2022

This pay award does not apply to those who previously worked for Culture and Leisure NL who have a separate bargaining group and this process will be underway shortly. Further communications will be sent to staff as soon as possible on the outcome of these discussions.

Please see our FAQs below, if you have any further queries please email PayAwardEnquiries@northlan.gov.uk

Pay Award FAQ’s

What pay rise has been agreed?

The 2022-23 Local Government Employee’s pay award has been agreed as follows and will be backdated to 1st April 2022

• (Based on 36 hour Full Time Equivalent)
• Hourly rates up to £10.4423 will receive £2,000 uplift (pro rata)
• Hourly rates between £10.6663 and £20.2063 will receive £1,925 uplift (pro rata)
• Hourly rates £20.7895 to £30.8545 will receive a 5% uplift

• (Based on 37 hour Full time equivalent)
• Hourly rates between £31.5748 and £39.8046 will receive £3,000 (pro rata)

Why have I not received the arrears that I think I am due?

Part of the negotiation for this pay award stipulated that the increase was based on an FTE of 36 and 37 hours per week. Last year’s pay award was based on 37 hours FTE. This means that for 35 hour FTE staff the increase may be slightly less, and 37 hour FTE may receive slightly more.

How will the backdated arrears appear on my payslip?

Arrears will be shown for each element as (Back Pay) on your payslip. There may be occasions where manual intervention is required, and this will appear as Basic Pay Arrears or Overtime Arrears.

Will my arrestment deductions be affected?

Yes, you may pay a higher contribution than normal in the period where your arrears are processed. This is because the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987 states that deductions are based on the earnings in the period regardless of when they are earned.

Will my Universal Credit be affected?

There is a chance your UC claim may be affected as your earnings will be higher than normal in your qualifying period. Further guidance is available here

Will my AVC be affected?

If you pay a percentage contribution to your AVC, your AVC amount will increase due to the new salary and any arrears that are pensionable. If you pay a fixed amount, there will be no change to your deduction unless you wish to increase it to reflect your new salary. You should contact Prudential to do this.

I am a previous Culture/Leisure NL employee, when will I receive my arrears?

NLL and CLNL are a separate collective bargaining group, we will be required to reinstate a negotiating committee made up of senior Council Officers to agree with Trade Unions. This process is the same as last year and will take place as soon as possible, with communications going out to all impacted staff soon.

Do leavers qualify for arrears?

Anyone who has left NLC between 1st April and the implementation date are required to submit their request in writing to PayAwardEnquiries@northlan.gov.uk, providing your National Insurance number or Employee Ref number and also your current bank details if these have changed since you left employment with NLC. These will be processed following payment of the arrears to all current staff.

The Payroll & Pension Team will notify SPFO of any leavers who have requested their arrears, but this will only be done on a quarterly basis (at SPFO’s request).

Who do I contact if I think my pay is wrong?

If following reviewing the information contained within these FAQ’s any queries should initially be logged through the People Help Desk by email on PayAwardEnquiries@northlan.gov.uk

National payments

The national First Aid Allowance will be increased by 5%. As per Circular from COSLA which is located here

Local payments

Working time Payments and other local payments will be increased by 5% in line with increases to national allowances

Why do I have strike deductions on my payslip?

The strike deductions were calculated based on your pay at the time of Industrial Action. The basic pay hourly rate has increased, therefore the strike deduction must be adjusted accordingly too as the pay increase was effective prior to the strike dates.

SSSC registration fees

The deal also includes the removal of SSSC registration fees on a permanent basis for all roles and grades. We’re waiting on further guidance from COSLA. We’ll provide further information to colleagues as soon as we can.

Annual Leave

An additional 7 hours annual leave (pro-rated for part-time staff) has been added to all staff and this will show on your mySelf balance. This has been applied to all permanent and temporary employees, regardless of service. This annual leave day is recurring and will be included in your balance every leave year.

Term Time Workers

Term time workers will also receive the additional days annual leave (pro-rata) and term time tables will be reworked to accommodate this. This will be implemented from January 2023 and any backdated pay for this leave year will be paid in January pays.

Use of annual leave

We would encourage all staff to use their additional annual leave in this leave year where possible and in line with service requirements. However, if this is not possible, you can bank the leave to be used next year. We have extended the banked leave arrangements so that staff can bank a maximum of 42 hours (for 35-hour workers) and 44.4 hours (for 37-hour workers). For information on buy and bank options, go to myNL. Buy & Bank Leave

See the attached documents for information on how this may affect your Universal Credit Payments on the file named Back Pay UC Employee Guidance January 2022 and the Salary Agreement by COSLA within file SJC-70 Salaries Agreement FY22-23 .

Back Pay UC Employee Guidance January 2022
Size: 55.16 kb
Date modified: 01-11-2022
CO-152 - Salaries Agreement FY 2022-23
Size: 101.96 kb
Date modified: 10-03-2023
SJC-70 Salaries Agreement FY22-23
COSLA Salaries Agreement
Size: 145.93 kb
Date modified: 01-11-2022
Updated on 8th March 2023

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