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North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) currently work in partnership with ACE Physiotherapy Services for the provision of Physiotherapy to its employees. ACE are part of the overall occupational health contract supplied by Health Management Ltd (HML).  They have clinics based in Motherwell, Coatbridge and Cumbernauld.

All staff with an injury which may benefit from physiotherapy will be able to utilise the service, regardless of whether the injury is work-related or not and regardless of how it was sustained.

Top 5 absences where physio could help

An analysis of the top five reasons for long and short term sickness absences within NLC has shown that the following conditions/injuries feature in some form for every service:

  • Muscular/skeletal
  • Muscle/joint condition
  • Fractures
  • Minor/major surgery
  • Back pain/slipped disc/sprain

The above list of conditions is not exhaustive and there may be other conditions that could benefit from the service and with this in mind managers are encouraged to refer employees where they feel physiotherapy could assist an employee to remain within the workplace or return from sickness absence more quickly.

North Lanarkshire Council will meet the cost of physiotherapy for employees who are referred.

The process for obtaining a physiotherapy appointment

If you as an employee feel that you would benefit from the use of physiotherapy, or a manager suggests that physiotherapy may be beneficial to an employee then the following process should be followed:

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  • The employee’s line manager should complete the physiotherapy referral form which can be found here and indicate on the form which service they belong to. The completed referral form should be emailed by the employee’s line manager to NLphysio@northlan.gov.uk Employees cannot self refer for physiotherapy.
  • The manager must advise the employee that a referral will be made; its purpose and the employee should understand that the referring manager will receive a copy of the physiotherapy report after they have been seen.
  • Note: reports are provided to managers after the first session and then the third session if required. If further sessions are authorised then another report will be provided at the end of these sessions. The manager should make arrangements to discuss any returned reports with the employee.
  • There is an initial limit of three physiotherapy appointments per individual and this may be sufficient in most cases.  However, this is not automatic and some issues/problems may be resolved after one appointment with exercises/ advice being given to the employee.  If it is considered that an employee would benefit from more than three appointments, this will be detailed in the report and approval sought from the relevant manager.   
  • ACE Physiotherapy will reserve the right not to treat someone if they feel there would be no benefit. 
  • Appointments will be arranged usually within three working days of receiving the referral form from the relevant service  and an appointment will be normally be given within around one week.
  • ACE physiotherapy will contact the employee after receiving the referral form by using one of the contact numbers indicated and will arrange an appointment to suit.
  • An employee must inform both ACE physiotherapy (01698 264450) and their line manager if they cannot attend their appointment, no later than 24 hours before it takes place as failure to attend and late cancellations are still charged back to the respective service.

Go to WorkWell NL for further information.

Mental Wellness Support

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can overwhelm us. Whatever you are going through, share it with someone. NLC provides a helpline for general advice and guidance called Time for talking. Click here for more information on it and other ways to support your mental wellness.

For information on the full range of health and wellbeing support offered by NLC, visit the work well NL website.

Updated on 8th September 2021

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