The Hybrid Working Scheme

The Council’s ambition is to create a more agile, flexible, and collaborative workplace environment that will enable the Council to be more effective and more efficient and to allow our employees to work closer to, and within our communities. As part of this, hybrid working is an important element of the Council’s strategy for adapting to, and thriving in, the new working environment following the pandemic; in addition to continuing to support a positive work life balance for employees.

Home working has been an option for employees under the Council’s Smarter Working Policy as a way to balance home and working life, however the introduction of a full hybrid working model will build on this flexibility, and our lessons learned during the pandemic, to allow an element of choice for employees and services in terms of where they work. An employee’s work location is often based on the work they are doing that day and through discussion with their line manager. That might mean working from home to work on a report or coming into a collaborative space to work with colleagues.

This scheme sets out the Council’s approach to hybrid working, which will allow employees to divide their time between attending work at one of our 6 main office buildings or any of our sites along with working remotely from home or a hub.

This scheme will apply to all posts that are suitable for hybrid working which have been determined as such by the relevant Head of Service and in discussion with the employee. 

For full detail on what the hybrid scheme looks like, see the document below:

Hybrid Working Scheme - V3 Feb 2023
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Date modified: 07-09-2023

For answers to some of the frequently asked questions about hybrid working, click here.

Updated on 3rd May 2023

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