Pregnant Women

Advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists states that generally there is no evidence that pregnant women are more likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus but pregnant women have been included in the list of people at higher risk (clinically vulnerable) as a precaution.

Pregnant women should follow the latest government guidance on staying alert and safe (social distancing) and avoid anyone who has symptoms suggestive of coronavirus.

The exception to this is a pregnant women is in her third trimester (more than 28 weeks’ pregnant) who should be particularly attentive to social distancing and should only be allowed in the workplace if this can be stringently adhered too.

Managers must ensure that they undertake a Maternity risk assessment for all pregnant employees whether they are working from home or in the workplace. For those employees that are more than 28 weeks pregnant if social distancing measures cannot be stringently adhered to in the workplace arrangements must be made for the employee to either work from home, carry out alternative duties in the workplace that will allow them to stringently socially distance or be placed on Special Leave until the commencement of their Maternity leave.     

Key advice for pregnant women during the pandemic:

Covid pregnancy risk assessment form
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Updated on 10th August 2020

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