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Process Improvement Team

The Process Improvement Team is a new team that has been formed to drive through digital change in HR processes. As well as being involved in developing and improving processes to support a move to more digital ways of working one of their other biggest tasks is to inform and support managers and the workforce through the change ensuring that everyone has the right guidance, and training if required to allow them to embrace new ways of working.

The team were all members of the HR Operations Team and have extensive practical knowledge of HR processes. They work alongside the Workforce System Development team also from within the Employee Service Centre and who are responsible for developing all the new processes in iTrent.

Our team members are:

  • Rhiannon Chisholm, Senior HR Operations Advisor – 07583 115739
  • Victoria Keeney, HR Operations Advisor – 07583 115827
  • Hollie Dorman, HR Operations Advisor – 07583 115755
  • Ashleigh Hamilton, HR Operations Advisor – 07583 115818
  • Fiona Farrell, HR Operations Advisor – 07583 115756

Workforce System Development:

  • Mark Lennon, Workforce Systems Development Lead – 07583 115832
  • Nichola Millen, Workforce Systems Development Senior Advisor – 07583 115839
Updated on 27th July 2020

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