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Recruitment Freeze Process

This process is for use by Managers and Heads of Service who seek to recruit to vacancies within their service whilst the recruitment freeze is in place.

All proposed recruitment must be submitted for approval by the Workforce Steering Group (WSG) and must include an organisational chart that details where the vacancy sits.

If approved, the lead officer should then complete and forward all relevant recruitment paperwork to the ESC recruitment team as standard. More detail on this process can be found here.

Services must note that all vacancies agreed for release require to be considered for redeployment opportunities and can be held by the recruitment team for this purpose for a period of up to 4 weeks prior to being released for advert.

Only where it can be evidenced that a vacancy will not be able to be utilised as a redeployment opportunity, will it be released for advert directly.

Only by exception will vacancies be released for external recruitment.

Please complete the below form, include organisational chart and job description and discuss further with your HR Business Partner prior to submission to the WSG.

Updated on 7th July 2020

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