What Does Hybrid Mean For Me?

Hybrid working is the recommended model of working both from Scottish Government and also following consultation with staff in NLC over the last 9 months. Over 93% of staff surveyed want a balance of home and workplace locations to work from and hybrid working gives you this flexibility.

The hybrid working scheme will detail the key principles of hybrid working and is currently being discussed and consulted on with trade union colleagues. Once finalised, the full scheme will be noted on myNL.

Below is an example of a day in the life of a hybrid worker where you can work from a number of different locations as appropriate to your role and following discussion with your line manager. You will be required to work a minimum of 6 days in every 4 weeks (pro-rata) in an NLC location and the level of flexibility you have will be dependent on your role and arrangements in place with your team and line manager.

Benefits to Hybrid Working

Some of the benefits of Hybrid working include:

  • Increased productivity with less disruptions at home and increased access to people through Teams
  • Reduction in travel time (as opposed to working full time in an office)
  • Increased flexibility and work life balance options
  • Reduction in travel costs (as opposed to working full time in an office)
  • Reduction in carbon emissions from travel
  • Ability to work from locations out with NLC/Scotland can help recruit/retain specialist or hard to fill roles
  • Ability to flex where they work based on needs of the service and role
  • Opportunity to embrace virtual ways of working and enhance digital skills
  • Good face to face peer and manager support opportunities

Key things to consider

For Hybrid working to work, there are a few things that you should ensure you do:

  • Keep your diary up-to-date and note in it where you are going to be each day
  • Be aware of the risk assessment for the building you are in and any relevant details around fire safety and first aid arrangements
  • Communicate regularly with your manager both virtually and face to face
  • Build in time to touch base with colleagues, especially those you don’t see as often face to face
  • Continue to review your home working arrangements to ensure they remain suitable and flag any issues to your manager – more detail on home working considerations can be found here

For more information, see the FAQ pages here

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