Returning to the Workplace (Education & Families)

30 July 2020 – video update

We have been working on making our school estate as safe as possible as part of our plans for the return of staff and pupils in August and for our council buildings and facilities.

Buildings, schools, classrooms and playrooms will also look somewhat different to before including information around enhanced hygiene and cleaning protocols and directional signage to promote greater movement around school buildings and spaces.

There is a range of signage, banners, sanitisation stations, wayfinder materials, information posters and zone markers that require to be installed in all building facilities.

This video provides instructions on where these items should be placed. Please review so that you are aware of what signage and information materials there are and where they should be placed in facilities.

24 June 2020 – Message from Derek Brown, Executive Director of Education and Families

Following the announcement by the Scottish Government yesterday that it intends for pupils and staff to return to school full time in August, please be assured that we have already started working on the implications for your return in August.

The safety, health and wellbeing of our staff and pupils are our priorities and as we are working on plans for the new school term, safety sits firmly at the heart of these. We will work closely with you, unions, health & safety and our partners to ensure that schools and centres are as safe as possible.

Already you will be aware of increased hygiene measures, signage and space planning in place, which will be complemented by enhanced cleaning and sanitisation procedures.

We had plans for a blended learning approach and we will still have these plans there, if needed, should the health situation change again. We will also continue to develop our digital school, which was always in our plans as a way of assisting teachers, parents and pupils to improve access to learning.

We will await further guidance from the Scottish Government, particularly in relation to public health advice, to ensure that we plan effectively to open our schools and centres safely in August.

I fully appreciate that there has been a number of changes over the last few months and I recognise that you have all continued to adapt while delivering quality learning to our children and young people.

It is the end of term today and I urge you to enjoy a good summer break.

Thank you.

Derek Brown
Executive Director, Education and Families

All North Lanarkshire schools have been closed for educational purposes since March 2020 due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

On the 21st of May 2020, the Scottish Government published the ‘Covid-19 Framework for Decision Making: Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis’ document which outlined that Scottish schools would reopen to staff in June 2020, and pupils in August 2020.

The Scottish Government subsequently published the ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): re-opening schools guide’ on the 28th of May, to assist local authorities with planning for a safe, phased opening in August 2020.  It is strongly advised that managers make themselves aware of the contents of this document which can be viewed here:  Further guidance can be found on Health Protection Scotland’s website at:

North Lanarkshire Council have drafted the following guidelines to assist Head Teachers and Heads of Centre to navigate the new landscape that we find ourselves in as of June 2020.  It includes a range of documents and links that will support operational arrangements for the safe reopening of our establishments.  This document will be updated prior to August 2020, when all year groups will return to school in a new blended model of learning and teaching.

This is very much a live document; advice from the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland changes regularly depending on the latest scientific information, therefore please ensure that you have the latest version at all times.

Further advice and support for managers is also available from myNL or for general enquiries please contact the ESC People Helpdesk on 01698 403 151 or email:

Thank you for your continued support, professionalism and resilience throughout this challenging and unprecedented time.

Kind regards

Derek Brown
Executive Director

08/06/2020 – A guide to returning to schools and family learning centres

This video is introduced by Derek Brown, Executive Director, Education and Families, outlining what you should expect when you return to schools and educational facilities.

SNCT Circulars

Please click on the links for further information from the SNCT on the Arrangements for Re-opening Schools in August 2020 (20/76) and Supply Teachers Job Retention Payment FAQs (JS/20/80).

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