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Leaving NLC

Thinking about leaving NLC for another job, retirement or through a workforce change process, we have noted some things that might ease your transition and are helpful to know in advance of your leaving.

If you are considering leaving for another job, we would urge you to speak to your manager or to contact the People Helpdesk (01698 403151) to discuss options. NLC advertises job internally on a regular basis and we may be able to assist you to apply for suitable roles or point you in the direction of learning or development that may help you get to your next position. We would be very keen to keep you with us!

If you have decided to leave us, please see some helpful guidance below.

Teachers & Associated Professionals leaving NLC information is available here.

When you leave NLC, you should have access to your MySelf account for three months, however should this not be the case, please contact the People Helpdesk Team on esc-helpdeskteam@northlan.gov.uk with your name and employee number and they will assist with extending your access