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Leavers FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about leaving your post.

Visit the Leaving NLC category for more information on this subject.

When do I receive my Week’s Lie Time from when I started?

No further pay is due as you are paid in arrears.

How much notice do I have to give?

The minimum period of notice an employee is required to give to terminate their employment is:
– Up to and including grade NLC7 – 2 weeks
– Grade NLC9 and above – 4 weeks
– Third Tier posts – 12 weeks

Further information can be found within Schedule A.

I recently left or retired.  When will I receive my P45?

P45’s will be issued to your home address as soon as possible following your leaving date. If you haven’t received this within 1 month of leaving, please contact the People Helpdesk.

However, if you retired and are in receipt of a pension from Strathclyde Pension Fund Office (SPFO), please note that your P45 is automatically sent to SPFO to allow them to process this along with your pension for tax purposes.

I’ve lost/damaged my P45.  Can you send me a duplicate copy please?

No, unfortunately we can’t issue a duplicate P45.

However, a statement of earnings can be given if requested in writing/email to the People Helpdesk at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk, please remember to include your employee reference number on all communication.

I left just before the end of the Tax Year.  Why didn’t I receive a P60 from North Lanarkshire Council?

If you were issued with a P45 before the end of the tax year, no P60 will be issued.

I’m still receiving pay for a position that I’ve recently left.  I think I’ve been overpaid.  How can I repay this?

Please contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

I have received a letter requesting that I repay an oustanding overpayment, but I have already paid this?

Please contact the People Helpdesk on 01698 403151 or alternatively email them at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

Does an exit interview need to be carried out for leavers?

Only staff who are leaving the council should be completing exit interviews. However, for those moving to another internal role the manager of the position they are leaving can speak to them about their reasons for leaving if there is concerns

I handed in my resignation letter and I haven't received any correspondence with regards to this?

Resignations are now submitted via mySelf. Guidance on how to do this can be found here under the Leavers section.

I am considering retiring, how do I obtain a provisional calculation of my pension figures?

Information on obtaining a provisional calculation can be found within the Employee Guidance document.

How do I notify you of my intention to retire?

You should submit this in writing to your manager and the relevant HR Operations team for your service, confirming your leaving date.

The HR Operations team will progress your request, together with the required pension forms (if applicable).

How much notice do I have to give if I wish to retire?

If you are a member of Strathclyde Pension Fund, you will require to give 12 weeks notice, as they require this length of time to ensure that your pension is processed in time for your retirement.

However, in terms of leaving your post, the Council only require your minimum notice period, i.e.
– Up to and including grade NLC7 – 2 weeks
– Grade NLC9 and above – 4 weeks
– Third Tier posts – 12 weeks.

I'm currently absent due to ill health and wish to be considered for ill health retiral. Who do I contact?

If you are a member of Strathclyde Pension Fund, please discuss your request with your manager and they will arrange to refer you to the council’s occupational health provider for assessment of your current health status and whether this meets the requirements for ill health retiral. If ill health retiral is supported, this will be processed by Employee Relations.

If you are not a member of Strathclyde Pension Fund, unfortunately ill health retiral is not available to you. Please contact your manager to discuss what options are available to you. Further guidance can be provided by Employee Relations.

I wish to retire on Rule of 85, who do I contact?

If you are under 60 and meet Rule of 85, you need to discuss this with senior management within your service, as the service will decide whether or not your retiral on Rule 85 will be supported.

If you are over 60 and meet Rule of 85, there are no costs to the Council and this is treated as retiral on option. However, this will change in March 2020 when the current rule of 85 protection rights cease.

Please note:
•If you retire on or after age 60 and were a member of the scheme between 1 April 98 and 30 Nov 06 your benefits will not be reduced under the Rule of 85 protection
•The Rule of 85 protection changes in 2020
•For members that will be age 60 after 31 March 2020 with 25 years service they will have any benefits accrued from 1 April 08 reduced.

You will need to submit your request in writing to the HR Business Partner team for your service in the first instance giving 3 months notice.

Further information on Rule of 85 can be found on Strathclyde Pension Funds website: https://www.spfo.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=22388.

When do I have to pay money owed to the Council?

As soon as possible from your first available pay if you have a current post. If you are leaving the Council where possible the full amount will be deducted from your final pay.

If you have left the council, a debtors invoice will be sent to you for you to pay.

Updated on 14th June 2023

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