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Jury Duty – Employee Guidance

Upon receipt of a jury citation to court, you are required to send a copy of it to esc-helpdeskteam@northlan.gov.uk confirming your full name and employee number.

The People Helpdesk Team will complete the loss of earnings form and return it to you prior to your citation date.

If you are selected for Jury Duty and required to attend, please record Special Leave – Jury Duty on your Myself Account. 

Please note, that this absence should only be recorded if you are selected for Jury Duty, following confirmation from the court. You will be required to call the Jurors Line before 5pm the day before and for 5 subsequent days should you not be selected straight away.

If you are on “standby” you are required to attend work as normal and Special Leave – Jury Duty should not be recorded.

Following your attendance, you will need to claim the allowance payable under the Jurors Allowances Regulations via the court. Payment will be made either to your bank account or a nominated bank account of your choice or by a cash payment.

Following receipt of your allowance you are required to produce copy/proof of payment to esc-peopleoperations@northlan.gov.uk and this amount will be deducted from your pay. Please confirm if you have claimed any expenses such as travel etc and its amounts.

The following documents should be read by you, the employee to understand the procedure around Jury Duty dependable on court.

Guide to jury service in the High Court and sheriff court

Guide to jury service in the Court of Session

Guide to jury service in the All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court

Jury Duty Managers Guidance
Size: 55.53 kb
Date modified: 14-12-2022
Jury Duty Employee Process
Size: 19.29 kb
Date modified: 14-12-2022
Updated on 15th December 2022

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