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mySelf/myTeam Guides

Unsure how to reset a password, request annual leave or authorise expenses? See below a range of employee and manager guides to help you navigate mySelf and/or myTeam.

Employee Guides

Leave – Flexi / Sickness / Annual Leave / Other Leave

mySelf User Guide v13 29.10.19

How to End a Sickness Absence on mySelf

How to Add Absence Stage Details on mySelf_Infographic

How to Request Special Leave on mySelf

mySelf – Time and Attendance Employee Guide V.3

Infographic – Time and Attendance (Employee)

Mileage / Expenses / Overtime

Infographic – Home Working Refund v1

Infographic – Claiming a Flu Vaccination Refund (Employee)

mySelf Mileage, Expenses & Overtime Guide

mySelf Mileage, Expenses & Overtime Guide Facility Support Services – Overtime Guide (Janitorial Only)

mySelf Overtime Guide – Facility Support Services (Cleaning & Catering only)


mySelf – Chatbot Guidance for Employees v1

Employee Chatbot Infographic


mySelf Resignation Process Guide for Employees v1

Infographic – Resignation Process For Employees

Temporary Teacher Payments

mySelf – Teacher Guidance – Temporary Teacher Payments

How to log in to mySelf Infographic

Updating Your Personal Information on mySelf

How to Change Your mySelf Password – all users Infographic

mySelf Payslip Guidance

How to Change Your Password if You Work in a School

Completing a questionnaire using mySelf

Infographic – Reviewing Employee Driving Licence and Vehicle Insurance Information

How to Acquire Your Own Email Address (Education Staff) – Infographic

Setting up a Shortcut On Your Device – March 2021

SEEMiS Early Years Staff Details – Infographic

Managers Guides

Leave – Flexi / Sickness / Annual Leave / Other Leave

Matrix for COVID related absence categories on iTrent

myTeam User Guide v15 29.10.19

myTeam – Time & Attendance (Manager Guide) v3

Recording a New Sickness Absence_inforgraphic v2

Recording Sickness Certification Infographic_Feb 2020 update

Coronavirus – Recording staff absence Infographic

myTeam guidance inc covid records updates v4

How to Authorise Special Leave on myTeam

Checking an Employee’s Annual Leave on myTeam quick guide

Infographic – Flexi Reports

myTeam – Recording Fit Notes

Mileage / Expenses / Overtime

Infographic – Time & Attendance (Manager)

Infographic – Approving expenses via myTeam including Flu Vaccintions and Home Working Refund

myTeam Mileage, Expenses & Overtime Guide


myTeam Resignation Process Guide for Managers V3

Infographic – Resignation Process – Managers

Temporary Teacher Payments

myTeam – Managers Guidance – Temporary Teacher Payments

Manager Infographic – How to view Employee Questionnaires on myTeam

Workforce Analytics – List of Standard Reports

Updated on 3rd May 2021

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