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mySelf/myTeam Guides

Unsure how to reset a password, request annual leave or authorise expenses? See below a range of employee and manager guides to help you navigate mySelf and/or myTeam.

These guides are updated to include information about the latest mySelf update from February 2022.

If you are unable to resolve your issue and cannot find your answer here, please contact myselfassist@northlan.gov.uk

Employee Guides

Leave – Flexi / Sickness / Annual Leave / Other Leave

How to End a Sickness Absence on mySelf

How to Request Annual Leave on mySelf

How to Request Special Leave on mySelf

Infographic – Time and Attendance (Employee)

Applying for your Covid Recognition Day on mySelf

Payslip / Mileage / Expenses / Overtime

mySelf Payslip Guidance (v2)

mySelf Mileage, Expenses & Overtime Guide Facility Support Services – Overtime Guide (Janitorial Only) (v2)

mySelf Overtime Guide – Facility Support Services (Cleaning & Catering only) (v2)

NHS Support Overtime Claim Form Guidance (v0.1)

mySelf Mileage, Overtime and Expenses Guide 2022 (v0.8)

mySelf Extra Curriculum Payments – Employee Guide

Claiming Casual Shifts via mySelf (v1)

How to Claim mileage (infographic)


Chatbot Guidance for Employees (v0.2)

Employee Chatbot Infographic

Chatbot – New Link Guidance


mySelf Resignation Process – Employee Guidance (v0.2)

Normal Age Retirement – Employee Guidance

Temporary Teacher Payments

mySelf – Teacher Guidance – Temporary Teacher Payments (v0.4)

How to set up e-payslips to email to yourself (v2)

Setting up a Shortcut On Your Device – March 2021

mySelf User Guide (v1.4)

How to update your bank details on mySelf

How to log in using Single Sign On

How to save mySelf as a favourite on Google Chrome

How to save mySelf as a favourite on Microsoft Edge

Managers Guides

Leave – Flexi / Sickness / Annual Leave / Other Leave

Matrix for COVID related absence categories on iTrent

myTeam User Guide (v0.17)

myTeam – Time & Attendance (Manager Guide) (v0.4)

Recording a New Sickness Absence infographic (v2)

Recording Sickness Certification Infographic_Feb 2020 update

myTeam guidance inc covid records updates (v0.6)

How to Authorise Special Leave on myTeam

Checking an Employee’s Annual Leave on myTeam quick guide

Infographic – Flexi Reports

myTeam – Recording Fit Notes (v0.2)

How to Add Absence Stage Details on mySelf_Infographic

Maternity Leave for Teachers – Manager’s Guidance

Mileage / Expenses / Overtime

Infographic – Time & Attendance (Manager)

Infographic – Approving expenses via myTeam including Flu Vaccintions and Home Working Refund

myTeam Mileage, Expenses & Overtime Guide (v0.8)

Infographic – Mileage (Checking/Adding Driving License Details)

iTrent Recruitment

iTrent Recruitment Manager’s Guidance


myTeam Resignation Process Guide for Managers (v0.4)

Infographic – Resignation Process – Managers

Normal Age Retirement – Managers Guidance

Temporary Teacher Payments

myTeam – Managers Guidance – Temporary Teacher Payments (v0.2)

Workforce Analytics – List of Standard Reports

Updated on 23rd June 2023

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