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mySelf/myTeam/iTrent FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions asked about mySelf/myTeam/iTrent.

Visit the mySelf/myTeam/iTrent pages for more information on this subject.

I don't have access to mySelf, how do I get this?

Please email ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk who will arrange this for you.

Is it possible to change an employees manager on mySelf?

No, but this can be changed via iTrent.
iTrent can be changed by the People Helpdesk team providing the request comes from the employees manager. The request must feed through via MyNL Portal via the People Helpdesk General Enquiry request form (for all enrolled onto the Portal).

People Helpdesk can be contacted (for those not yet on the Portal) via email at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

Can I arrange for a staff member to be given access to iTrent?

Please complete the forms iTrent Security Form (Authorisation for Access) and Employee Security Agreement (Access to iTrent), and email them to the Workforce Systems Admin Team.

My work pattern is wrong on iTrent, can you change this?

If this has been set up incorrectly from the start of your contract, this can be changed by the Workforce Resourcing Team.

Prior to making any changes, the Workforce Resourcing Team will check the work pattern submitted against the Contract Offer form completed on appointment. If the Contract Offer form does not state the correct pattern, this will need to be corrected by the manager and contact back to Workforce Resourcing will need to be made for this correction to be made.

Should your work pattern have been altered (for example, a shift pattern change for service demand or a Smarter Working pattern), this would be submitted via an Employee Change Form by an Authorised Signatory in your service. If this remains incorrect, you can contact the People Operations Team for this to be looked into.

For any enquiries, cases can be raised by myNL Portal (for all with access to this) or alternatively you can email the People Helpdesk to direct your enquiry at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

Can I access my payslip outwith work?

Yes, you can access your payslip outwith work via mySelf using your own pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone, providing these devices have access to the internet.

Further guidance can be found here.

I have forgotten my password for iTrent/mySelf/myTeam etc?

You can reset your own password using the ‘Forgotten password?’ link at the login page.

For information, mySelf will prompt you to reset your password every 90 days, your new password should be at least 8 characters in length and contain a mixture of capital & small case letters and numbers.

Your mySelf account will also lock you out, if you enter an incorrect password 10 times and to have your account unlocked, you will require to raise a case via myNL Portal under the People Helpdesk General Enquiry form, or, for those not enrolled with the Portal, contact the Myself Assist mailbox advising that your mySelf account is locked and they will unlock your account for you. Please note they can’t reset your password.

The MySelf Assist mailbox can be contacted by emailing ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

Please note, if you are a SSO user (with a northlan email address) then you do not need to reset passwords – you will log in automatically via Organisational Login and via the Microsoft Authenticator.

Can you advise how I input a med cert/fit note to myTeam for an employee?

This can only be recorded by an employee’s line manger.

Further guidance can be found here.

If the line manager is absent & their tasks within myTeam have not been redirected, another manager can request to have the line managers tasks redirected to them. This can be requested via the People Helpdesk. Please note, if the manager is an Authorised Signatory, another Authorised Signatory must be requested to be the designated temporary manager to authorise overtime/expenses tasks in the absent manager’s stead.

Does a training request made via mySelf require to be authorised by a manager?

Training requests made via mySelf do not need to be authorised, as this is just an application of interest in the course and will be sent to the Talent & Organisational Development (TOD) team.

Any queries in relation to course cost, dates etc should be raised with the TOD Team via myNL Portal or emailed to the TOD team at TOD@northlan.gov.uk.

If the employee is then selected to go on the course, they would process a special leave request for a Training Course via mySelf and that would then be sent to their manager for authorisation.

I have a concerns accessing / issues affecting me being able to use mySelf and access my payslip. Can my payslip be provided in a different format?

Contact the People Helpdesk in the first instance to discuss.

People Helpdesk can be contacted via myNL Portal (either by the employee or their manager can raise a request on the employee’s behalf) – for those not enrolled onto the Portal, you can call on 01698 403151 or alternatively email the People Helpdesk at ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk.

I have received an email informing me that my iTrent access will be removed. Why has this happened?

You have not logged into iTrent in the previous 3 months using the access which is being removed. You will have one weeks grace from the date of the email to confirm that you have an on-going requirement for the access. If you have not responded within that time, your access will be removed. .

How do I avoid having my iTrent access removed

You must use your iTrent access regularly to avoid having it removed.

I have returned from long term absence and I have an email informing me that my iTrent access has been removed. How do I have my access re-instated?

Send a copy of the email to ESC-HelpDeskTeam@northlan.gov.uk explaining the situation. They will be able to assist you in re-activating your access..

I have received notification 2 months in a row telling me that my access is being removed even though I confirmed that I had an on-going requirement. Why?

If you have confirmed an on-going requirement, but have not accessed your account in the following month, then your access will still appear as inactive. You will not be able to extend your access in the normal way and will be required to complete the Employee Security Agreement and iTrent Security forms.

Updated on 7th May 2024

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