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Workforce Systems & Analytics team

The Workforce System & Analytics Team support, maintain and development of the councils HR database (iTrent).  We provide a suite of management reports which enable NLC Management to monitor and plan their current and future workforce requirements.  

Workforce Systems & Analytics Manager: William Cunningham 

Workforce Analytics

The team writes and distributes reports to provide meaningful management information about your workforce.  We are committed to providing continuous improvement by developing the suite of reporting available. 

A List of Standard Monthly Reports is available here.  If you would like to be added to the distribution list for any of these reports please contact your HR Business Partner who will arrange this.  

If you have additional reporting requirements, please complete the Business Intelligence Reporting Proforma. 

Our team members are: 

  • Workforce Analytics Leads: Susan Dick, Lorraine Maxwell, Alan Love
  • Workforce Analyst: Theresa Wang

If you would like to discuss your reporting requirements, please contact us by emailing  iTrent Reporting

Workforce System Development

The team is responsible for developing the iTrent system. 

We work continuously to ensure that the system is updated with the latest developments, ensuring that key workforce systems are legislatively compliant and are used to their full potential. 

We also work with services to raise awareness of these new systems developments and providing advice or support as required, whilst gathering information to understand the business requirements and ensure the appropriate development of system-based solutions to support this. 

Our team members are: 

  • Workforce Systems Development Lead: Nichola Millen,
  • Workforce Systems Development Senior Advisor:  Amy Dale
  • Project & Data Quality Lead: Sharon Cairns 

Email: Workforce Systems & Analytics 

Workforce Systems

The team are responsible for maintaining and updating the organisations workforce systems. 

Ensuring that key workforce systems are up to date and compliant with legislation and policy. We provide operational and security support for the key workforce systems. 

Our team members are: 

  • Workforce Systems Admin Lead: Andrea Faulkner
  • Workforce Systems Advisors: Fiona Farrell, Gerard Freel, Rachel Howie

Email: Workforce Systems & Analytics 

For general iTrent/MySelf/MyTeam enquiries, please raise a mySelf Query (for mySelf help) or a myTeam/iTrent Query via myNL Portal – for any non users, please contact via email People Helpdesk

Updated on 18th April 2024

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