1. Forms A to Z

Forms A to Z

Find below an alphabetical list of all available forms.

Please note all pdf forms require to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and saved as a pdf file, to a location on your network drive to have full input functionality.

AVC Agreement Form 100.64 kb Download
Advert Request Form 1796.35 kb Download
Career Break Application Form & Agreement 139.62 kb Download
Contract Offer Form (Non-Teaching) 1230.37 kb Download
Contract Offer Form (Teaching) 5179.12 kb Download
Employee Security Agreement (Access to iTrent) 108.95 kb Download
Employing Agency Workers Checklist 548.47 kb Download
Excess Travel Claim Form 95.80 kb Download
Faster Payment Request Form - V1 253.61 kb Download
Guidance Note Amending-Transferring a Unit-Post-Position 2 - July 2019501.79 kb Download
Guidance Note Ending a Unit-Post-Position 3 - July 2019441.05 kb Download
Guidance Notes Creating a New Unit-Post-Position 3 - July 2019386.47 kb Download
HSF1 - Incident Report Form 43.56 kb Download
HSF2 - Violent Incident Report Form 32.28 kb Download
HSF4b - Dynamic Risk Assessment Form 191.21 kb Download
HSF17 - DSE - Optical Examination and Recovery of Expense 31.44 kb Download
HSF30 - DSE Assessment Form 38.55 kb Download
HSF46 - Occupational Road Risk Assessment 109.09 kb Download
HSF 62 - Incident Investigation Form 25.50 kb Download
Higher Duties Request 54.47 kb Download
ID Badge Request Form 98.36 kb Download
Interview Assessment Control Form (Non-Teaching) 1683.71 kb Download
Interview Assessment Control Form (Teaching) 1128.11 kb Download
Interview Assessment Form (Non-Teaching) 1716.22 kb Download
Interview Assessment Form (Teaching) 649.71 kb Download
Interview Request Form (Non-Teaching) 1154.50 kb Download
Interview Request Form (Promoted Teaching) 3.38 mb Download
JD & ES Template 838.42 kb Download
Leavers Checklist (All Services) 4 - 16/12/19860.48 kb Download
MAT 2 Form - Employee Notification of Commencement of Mat Leave - (Less than 26wks service) 97.73 kb Download
MAT 3 Form - Employee Notification of Commencement of Mat Leave - (26 weeks or more service) 84.89 kb Download
MAT 8 Form - Employee Notification of Early Return to Work following Mat Leave 91.66 kb Download
MS4 - General Risk Assessment 148.80 kb Download
Maternity Support Leave Application (Nominated Carer) - HR07 October 2019140.86 kb Download
NLL Re-evaluation pro-forma 2016 620.03 kb Download
NOC (Non Teaching) - Guidance Note 4 - 09/2019745.54 kb Download
NOC Form (Teaching) - Guidance Note 3.0 - 02-2019610.51 kb Download
New & Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment 253.66 kb Download
Overtime-Irregular Payment Claim Form V2 29.43 kb Download
Pro Forma - Notification of Return to Work Following Adoption Leave 178.08 kb Download
Re-evaluation Pro-forma 76.07 kb Download
Record of Returning to Work Discussion _COVID 19 65.25 kb Download
Reg 14 - Teacher Higher Duties Form 10.52 kb Download
Relocation Form 55.46 kb Download
Rent from Wages - Amendment Form 1.02 mb Download
Rent from Wages - Request Form 151.34 kb Download
Request For Payment of Higher Duties 84.00 kb Download
Request for a New Unit-Post-Position 21 - June 2020783.37 kb Download
Request to Amend Existing Unit-Post-Position 21 - June 2020903.14 kb Download
Request to End Unit-Post-Position 20 - July 2019443.87 kb Download
Shared Parental Leave - Guidance & HR08 Form 265.16 kb Download
Shortlisting Proforma (Non-Teaching) 22.15 kb Download
Shortlisting Proforma (Promoted Teaching) 134.61 kb Download
Team Overview Access Form 5 - July 2019826.96 kb Download
Workforce Analytics Report Request Form 2137.40 kb Download
iTrent Security Form (Authorisation for Access) 3 - July 2019790.02 kb Download