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iTrent is the workforce IT system North Lanarkshire Council uses to record and process all employee information. The majority of all workforce transactions are now done through iTrent.

mySelf is available to all employees to use and allows you to request leave, record or manage sickness absence, input expenses and overtime (in some areas) and look for and request training opportunities. It also gives you access to your payslip before your pay is in the bank.

REMEMBER: you can view the latest mySelf updates on the carousel at the bottom of your mySelf home page (last updated on 26th April).

mySelf holds your personal information and should be updated by you to include emergency contact information so that your manager can contact you if required in an emergency. Login to mySelf here

myTeam is the manager portal used for authorising various requests for leave, training, expenses and overtime and for managing absence.

Using the people reports, managers can access multiple pieces of employee information at a time. They can also access team and peer calendars to assist with leave requests. Login to myTeam hereSingle Sign on users can login here.

Click on the links below to be taken to various guides to help you navigate mySelf and myTeam and also for manager forms to change structure or authorisation on iTrent.

If you have any issues with mySelf, please consult the guidance in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve your issue, you can raise a case via myNL Portal under mySelf Query or myTeam/iTrent Query request forms. Should your service not be enrolled onto the Portal yet, please contact myselfassist@northlan.gov.uk