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Single Sign on/Multi Factor Authentication for iTrent

Welcome to the iTrent Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) page. On this page you will find information which will help you to access iTrent during the transition phase.

You are part of the initial phase so it is important that you feedback to us with any issues you encounter when trying to access iTrent.

Please note, that the People First App is not currently available for staff using SSO/MFA to sign-in to iTrent

The links you use to access mySelf and myTeam/core iTrent will be different and can be found below

Core iTrent Live/myTeam



Guidance on how to access mySelf/iTrent using the SSO and MFA can be found below.

Please ensure you save the links above on your device(s).  Guidance on how to update/create internet links for IOS & Android can be found here.  Guidance on how to update/create internet links for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome can be found below.

iTrent Single Sign On Guide V1
Size: 316.74 kb
Date modified: 27-07-2022
Size: 342.79 kb
Date modified: 27-07-2022
How to save mySelf as a favourite on Microsoft Edge
Size: 161.95 kb
Date modified: 25-08-2022
How to save mySelf as a favourite on Google Chrome
Size: 167.38 kb
Date modified: 25-08-2022

We have also prepared a helpful video which can be accessed below.

Answers to the most common questions on Single Sign On can be found on our FAQ page.

Updated on 5th October 2022

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