Special Leave

The council recognises that there will be times when employees may require special leave to undertake obligations or attend events outside of their working life.

Teachers & Associated Professionals special leave information can be found here.

While it is expected that there will be instances where such responsibilities/events can be supported through the use of annual leave or flexible leave, this policy explains the additional support which may be available.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the council’s Smarter Working Policy, Managing Attendance Policy and Special Leave Guidance Note.

View the Special Leave FAQ for more information on this topic.

Requesting special leave via mySelf

Requesting special leave in light of the Coronavirus infection should be done via mySelf and by picking the special leave category detailed .

Special Leave Policy Updated April 2024
Version: 3 - 30/03/2020
Size: 285.96 kb
Date modified: 11-04-2024
Special Leave Guidance Note Updated April 2024
Version: 3 - 1/04/2022
Size: 606.20 kb
Date modified: 11-04-2024
Special-Leave-Guidance-Note Updated April 2024 Word Version
Size: 1.95 mb
Date modified: 11-04-2024
Reserve Forces Training and mobilisation Guidance
Version: 1-01-04-2022
Size: 403.76 kb
Date modified: 01-04-2022
Manager Guidance - Special Leave Time off for Dependant(s) (Non Teaching)
Version: 2.0
Size: 147.25 kb
Date modified: 18-08-2023
HR-Circular 01-2022 Reservice Forces Mobilisation
Version: 1- 01-04-2022
Size: 156.64 kb
Date modified: 01-04-2022
Application for Time Off for Dependent
Size: 193.49 kb
Date modified: 11-03-2024
Updated on 9th January 2023

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