Maternity Leave

Here you will find guidance based on the Council’s Maternity Policy and the Employee Guidance Note.

Maternity Leave & Pay

You are entitled to 52 weeks maternity leave regardless of your length of service, hours worked and contractual status. You must have a 2 week maternity leave period during which you cannot return to work.

Your maternity pay is based on your period of continuous service at the qualifying week (qualifying week is the 15th week before the expected week of confinement).

Note:- There may be occasions when, although you have more than 26 weeks continuous service, where you have transferred to NLC from another recognised authority/organisation they may not qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay. You will normally require to have a contract of employment with NLC covering from 39 weeks prior to the week of confinement (i.e. 9 months).

Eligibility can be checked Here

Keeping in Touch (KIT) Days

KIT days are intended to facilitate a smooth return to work for you returning from maternity leave. If mutually agreed by your line manager and you, you can do up to 10 days paid work during your statutory maternity leave period.

Maternity Leave Commencement and Return

Notification should be sent to the People Operations team within the Employee Service Centre using the MAT 2 or 3 Notification of Commencement of Maternity Leave Pro Forma along with your MATB1 certificate.

Employee Guidance (Non-Teaching)

Maternity Policy
Version: 2.0 - 05-02-2019
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Date modified: 28-03-2023
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Date modified: 09-01-2023

Employee Guidance (Teachers)

Employee Guidance - Maternity Leave (Teachers)
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Date modified: 12-10-2022

For information on Maternity/Paternity Leave for Teachers & Associated Professionals click Here

Updated on 20th February 2024

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