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Diversity Monitoring of Employees – recording on mySelf

The Council know the importance and benefits of having a diverse workforce. Different people bring different skills and experiences to the workplace at the same time enrich our workplaces and the work we do.

Every two years the Council gathers and analyses information about the characteristics of its employees – sex, age, ethnicity, disabled or non-disabled, sexual orientation etc.

This information tells us about how diverse, or not, our workforce is. It helps us understand the different needs of our employees and where there are disproportionately low numbers of people with particular characteristics compared to the local population. Most importantly it can highlight where inequalities exist and we can then take corrective action.

However, the action we can take is limited if the information we have is incomplete. Currently there are big gaps for some of the characteristics:

74% of employees have not recorded under the disability category

59% of employees have not recorded the sexual orientation category

23% of employees have not recorded under the ethnicity category

All employees are being asked to complete the sensitive information tab on MySelf where we gather the diversity information from. Please be assured that this information is highly confidential and is only ever used anonymously.

Accessing the sensitive information in MySelf is illustrated below.

Please note it is important that all employees record under all categories. For instance, if you are not disabled you should record this by choosing not disabled in the dropdown.

For any questions about this request please do not hesitate to contact Audrey Cameron or Elaine Wightman equality@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 2nd February 2023

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