If you have decided to take early or age retiral, there are some documents below that might help you navigate your final months with us.

Please ensure that when you inform your manager of your intentions, that you confirm you are retiring, rather than resigning, and that you are looking to access your pension – to avoid delays to the processing of your pension forms.

Please remember if you intend to collect your council pension, that the pension agencies take up to 3 months to process your pension.

To ensure you get your pension on time for your retirement, please complete the relevant forms and send them into the Employee Service Centre at least 4 months in advance.

Click here to be taken to the Strathclyde Pension Fund website (non-teaching)

Click here for the Scottish Public Pension Agency website (teaching)

If you are looking for information on the rule of 85, please click here.

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Employee guidance - Normal Age Retirement
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Updated on 4th February 2020

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