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LGPS and employee contributions

The workplace pension scheme that North Lanarkshire Council provide for employees not covered by teaching terms and conditions is the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). The LGPS is a qualifying pension scheme, which means it meets or exceeds the government’s standards for pension provision. The administering body for the LGPS is the Strathclyde Pension Fund.

You will have been included in the scheme and deductions will be made from your salary at source from your commencement date/joining date. The table below provides information on contribution rates.

Should you wish to opt out of the scheme, you must complete an opting out form which can be obtained from Strathclyde Pension Fund Office (SPFO) by visiting https://www.spfo.org.uk/ or by contacting SPFO on 0345 890 8999.

As a member of the scheme, you will be required to contribute the percentage of your salary as set out in the table. We have a defined benefit pension scheme in relation to the employer’s contribution rate of your pensionable pay.

Your details will be provided to the SPFO and they will send you further information about the pension scheme, including details of how to obtain a Death Grant Nomination Form which should be completed by you and sent direct to the Pension Fund Office at the address on the form.

If you are dissatisfied with any decision affecting you made in relation to the Local Government Pension Scheme you have a right of appeal against this decision under the Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure (IDRP). For further information on the Procedure, and to obtain an appeal form, please contact Employment & Policy Team at employmentpolicyteam@northlan.gov.uk.

Employee Contributions

The rate of contributions you pay is based on how much you are paid. There is a tiered contribution system with your contributions based on how much of your pay falls into each tier. If you elect for the 50/50 section of the scheme you would pay half the rates listed in the attachment below.

The 2023 / 2024 contribution rates are detailed in the table below. The pay ranges will be increased each April in line with the cost of living.

You pay contributions on your normal salary or wages (including on any additional hours worked in excess of your contractual hours, up to a maximum of the standard full-time working week for your post), and on contractual overtime, bonuses, shift allowances, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Shared Parental Pay and any other taxable benefit specified in your contract as being pensionable. For part time members, your pensionable pay will be based on your actual earnings (including any additional hours up to your post’s full time hours).

Updated on 13th December 2023

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