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Manager Guidance - Hybrid Working

As Hybrid working is now in place in preparation for a more flexible, hybrid model of working.

We recognise that this announcement may alert staff to ask managers questions about a return to offices and the timeline for the new future workplace model.

We are currently working on detailed staff and manager guidance to support managers and staff as they transition to the hybrid model. See below for the start of this guidance, more to follow so please check back here regularly.

Engagement with Heads of Service and trade union colleagues is in progress to agree a Hybrid Working Scheme which will underpin the new model.

Please ensure you are having regular discussions with your teams to discuss the implementation of the new model, in particular those who are going to be included in the hybrid working model from the 4th April.

Below is a presentation that can be used for discussion with teams.

Also below is a service transition plan which you may wish to use as a guide to assist in terms of actions, processes and timeframes that line managers need to instigate as we work through this change over the next few months.

It includes an email address you can use to record any questions that come from staff so that we can form an FAQ document which will be included on myNL in due course.

Service Transition Plan
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Date modified: 08-02-2022
Individual-Risk-Assessment-Higher-Risk-Employees (5)
Size: 208.82 kb
Date modified: 28-03-2022
Size: 2.44 mb
Date modified: 08-02-2022
COVID19 Operating Model Final Draft
Size: 1.16 mb
Date modified: 19-04-2022