Hybrid Working Scheme

Hybrid Working Scheme 2024

Hybrid Working was first introduced in the Council back in 2021 following the need to work from home during the pandemic, followed by the need to return to normal life and the office.  Over the last three years, the scheme has remained interim, allowing employees to work a minimum of 6 days in the office and the remainder of time at home.

Following the decision to continue with hybrid working, the Council has refreshed the scheme to better reflect business needs and the ambition of the Council to create a more agile, flexible, and collaborative workplace environment that will enable the Council to be more effective and more efficient.

The updated and final scheme, which will commence on 1 April 2024, still allows employees to continue working in a flexible way, providing time for uninterrupted focus at home and in-person collaboration in the office. New ways to communicate through apps like Teams have been game-changing but employees can often miss out on the benefits that in-person time can offer such as development opportunities and shared ideas.

From the 1 April 2024, time spent in the office will increase to a minimum of 10 days across the 20-day (four-week) working period, providing a more flexible and balanced work environment while optimising productivity and collaborative working.  The refreshed scheme clearly details that hybrid workers will work from home and the office in blocks of five consecutive days ensuring that there is service representation in the office at all times.

The main changes to the scheme are as follows:

  • The normal place of work is the office and home address from time to time.
  • An increase from 6 days to 10 days for the minimum number of days based in the office over the four-week period (50:50 in the office and at home).
  • The introduction of a clear fixed five-day rotational weekly working pattern. The work pattern will be covering two alternate weeks (pro-rata for those who are part-time) as outlined below:
    • Week One: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then Monday, Tuesday of the following week (Office based)
    • Week Two: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the following Monday, Tuesday (Home based)
  • The removal of the £100 allowance to buy equipment for the home. However, any equipment required should be discussed with your line manager.
  • A ‘Hybrid Working Agreement’ has been introduced outlining the operational and health and safety aspects, including stress and mental health, contact, equipment, electricity at work and the need to periodically complete an appropriate DSE assessment both for home and in the office.

This scheme will apply to all posts that are suitable for hybrid working which have been determined as such by the relevant Chief Officer and in discussion with the employee.

The refreshed Hybrid Working Scheme can be accessed below along with the Frequently Asked Questions.

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