Coreless Flexi

Who is eligible?

Employees will be eligible for coreless flexi if they currently use the flexible working hours recording system (this includes employees on a smarter working pattern, although such employees cannot accrue hours to take as flexi-leave).
Approval of coreless flexi is subject to the exigencies of the service. 

What’s it used for?

Coreless flexi is intended to provide employees with additional flexibility to take smaller amounts of leave during the working day (for example, two hours to attend an appointment with a dependent).  Notionally, coreless flexi should be used when an employee wishes to be absent from work during the hours of 10am to 12pm or 2pm to 4pm. 

Outwith these hours, employees can use the existing flexibility of the flexible working hours scheme to vary start and finish times or take a longer lunch break (subject to the exigencies of the service).  Employees wishing to take a half day of leave or more should request “flexi-leave” rather than “coreless flexi”. 

How do I use it?

Employees must have accrued sufficient flexi hours (on the day they wish to access coreless flexi) before any request for coreless flexi is made.  The definition of sufficient flexi hours is enough time to cover the request, ensuring the employee is not in a negative flexi balance as a result of accessing coreless flexi.

Coreless flexi must not be used to establish regular work patterns outwith contracted working hours e.g. regularly arriving after 10am or leaving before 4pm.  It is not acceptable for employees to request coreless flexi on the same day every month as this will be regarded as establishing a regular work pattern.

How do I apply for it?

Employees may apply for coreless flexi using mySelf.  Where possible, employees must give 24 hours notice of an application for coreless flexi, although it is recognised that this will not always be possible.  Approval of coreless flexi is subject to the exigencies of the service. 


Line managers can use the myTeam system to monitor requests for and use of coreless flexi within their team.   The line manager must address instances where it becomes evident that the employee is using coreless flexi to establish a new work pattern.

Lunch breaks

Employees who work more than six hours per day must take a minimum half hour lunch in line with health and safety regulations.  The Council’s recording system is programmed to deduct at least 30 minutes from an employee’s record each lunch time.

Updated on 29th February 2024

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