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Latest Staff Information

Here you will find the latest information for staff on communications, initiatives, webinars and sessions available from NL Life and Learn NL.

Buy, Bank and Unpaid Leave

The Buy and Bank Leave Scheme is now live! The sceheme gives you the opportunity to supplement your existing annual leave entitlement.

By allowing flexibility in working arrangements, this scheme can assist with accommodating individual circumstances subject to the needs of your individual service.

Attendance criteria has been removed for Buy and Bank applications made this year – previously, employees had to meet a minimum of 97% attendance level from 1st January to 31st December to qualify for the scheme. This is an agreement made for the Buy, Bank & Unpaid Leave Scheme for 2023.

Applications for Buy / Bank Leave must be made through an employee’s ‘mySelf’ account. The scheme will be available from 1st November 2023 – 10th December 2023. Please note, applications must be received and authorised by your manager no later than 10th December 2023.

More information, including guidance on how to apply can be found here.

Updated 24 May

Update for Health and Social Care Staff: Please download the latest staff newsletter:

Updated 17th March

SNCT Pay Agreement – Teachers and Associated Professionals

Following confirmation from COSLA on the evening of Tuesday 14 March 2023 of a new pay agreement for teachers and associated professionals, it has been confirmed that this agreement will be processed and all associated backpay for year 2022-23 on the below pay dates:

  • Permanent Teachers and Associated Professionals (Payrun 10)  – 30th March 2023
  • Supply Teachers (Payrun 11) – 14th April 2023

Given the date the COSLA circular was provided to us, these are the earliest pay dates possible for the two payruns noted above.

Update – Hybrid Working Scheme

It was agreed that the Hybrid Working Scheme will be extended for a further year up to 31 March 2024 at Policy and Strategy Committee (17.3.23).

The scheme has had some very minor amendments and can be viewed on myNL.

During the next year considerations for a more permanent arrangement will be discussed with managers, staff and trade union colleagues.

Contract variations for the further one-year extension will be issued shortly.

If you wish to discuss your status as a hybrid worker further, please contact your line manager in the first instance or check out the FAQs on myNL.

Updated 15th March

Update on Industrial Action pay deductions

Employees who participated in the industrial action on 28/02/2023 and 01/03/2023 have now had their iTrent record updated to reflect this. The deduction will be taken from the March pay which is due paid on 30/03/2023.  Please direct any enquiries to industrialactionmanagementrecording@northlan.gov.uk

Early Years – Information

Please see this page for information on the Early Learning and Child Care Practitioner (ELP)- Consultation Timeline and Q&A documentation.

Local Government Pay Deal Refunds – SSSC Registration fees

As part of the local government pay deal, local authority staff are no longer required to pay SSSC registration fees. This agreement applies to any fees due from 1 April 2022.

SSSC have made changes to our systems which means that they will no longer request application fees, annual fees or renewal fees to any local authority staff. However, until this was put in place at the end of last year SSSC were still collecting fees. This has resulted in more than 30,000 payments requiring to be refunded.

SSSC have been working on a process to automate the refunds to avoid having to process 30,000 individual refund transactions. A system is now in place and SSSC have started to process the refunds. Although this is automated the system does not have the capacity to process all the transactions at the same time which means it is going to take a number of weeks to get through all of the refunds. SSSC estimates that all refunds will be completed over the next four weeks and that everyone should have received their refund payment by the 17th of April 2023.

Staff will receive confirmation of the refund by email when it has been processed.