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Early Years – Information

This page contains information relevant to specific questions asked by the cohort of Early Learning & Childcare Practitioners affected following the decision taken at the Full Council budget setting meeting on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

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QA Document – regularly updated
Regular Updates
Relevant Job Descriptions and Employee Specifications
Pay Scales
Timeline document

Individual Consultation Meetings
Powerpoint presentation
Relevant documents
Contact Details

QA Document

Regular Updates


The Q&A document below has been updated with responses to questions received from TU Representatives. The updated questions can be found at section 8(g) on pages 8 – 14”.


Please note that job descriptions for EL&C Support Worker, Key Worker and Lead Practitioner have been added to this page below.

Dates of the forthcoming Workforce Steering Committee are:

13 October 2023

10 November 2023

8 December 2023


VRS calculations

Please note that a number of pension calculations have now been received from SPFO and we anticipate that they will be issued in batches over the next working week or so. Each of those whose figures are ready will receive (or already has) an email to confirm security details (for GDPR purposes) to ensure that the figures are sent to the correct email address – please respond to this email as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Enhanced redundancy figures will be issued in the same way.

If you have not received any communication but have requested figures please note that they are still being processed and we will issue to you as soon as possible. Please do not email unless you have not requested figures but now wish to do so.


The following is a list of posts that NLC has at grade 9. This is not a list of vacancies, rather a list of examples which some people requested at individual consultation meetings.

Accommodation Officer
Active Neighbourhoods Officer
Air Quality Officer
Animal Health & Welfare Officer
Assistant Area Manager SCP
Attendance Officer
Biodiversity Projects Officer
Business Intelligence Assistant
Cemeteries Asset Supervisor
Clerk of Works
Contaminated Land Officer
Contract Compliance Officer
Electrical Clerk of Works
Environmental Protection Officer
Estate Development Assistant
Fair Trading Officer
Fleet Controller
Health Walks Co-ordinator
Housing Advisor
Income Maximiser/Sustainability Officer
Inspector Roads Maintenance (Electrical)
Locality Response Officer
Parking Enforcement Supervisor
Planning Assistant
Private Sector Solutions Officer
Project & Resource Officer
Public Health Compliance Officer
Quantity Surveyor
Repairs Coordinator
Routing & Waste Data Officer
Seasonal Streetscene Supervisor
Senior Countryside Ranger
Senior Openspace Ranger
Senior Technician
Service Delivery Supervisor (Vehicle Maintenance & Electric Development)
Streetscene Supervisor
Supervisor (Cemeteries)
Supervisor (Waste Management)
Support Officer
Technical Officer
Technician – Cartographic
Technician – Property
Technician (Property)
Technician (QS)
Visitor Support Supervisor
Workshop Supervisor

Please note that actual redeployment opportunities will be circulated to employees by email. Anyone interested should complete the redeployment proforma (which will also be circulated) and return to the email address provided on the email.


Individual consultation meetings have now been concluded with all 375 Early Learning Practitioners being met with by E&F Managers and Human Resources Officers. Thank you to all of you for coming along and participating  in the meetings. Thank you also to the TU representatives for being  available to support staff.  We will now update the Q&A document with any new questions that have arisen at these meetings to ensure all information is being shared consistently.

The HR team have now been mapping ELP’s preferred options, expressed during the meetings and  we are aware that many people are awaiting the VRS financial calculations in order to assist in their decision making.  It is our intention to issue Enhanced Redundancy calculations and SPFO Pension information to ELP’s personal email addresses over the next few weeks as they become available.
Please note that you will first receive an email requesting confirmation of your email address (for security purposes) and thereafter your figures will be issued. Employees will receive this email only when their figures are received from SPFO (not all figures are being received at the same time). The team will then issue the figures when they are ready to be sent.

The team can be contacted at the following email address ELCHRenquiries@northlan.gov.uk and are happy to take any further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Pay scales can be found on this page.


See section above regarding Individual Consultation Meetings


Updated timeline document issued to staff via e-mail. The document can also be found here


Planning and preparation for forthcoming Engagement Sessions, please see the Q&As for further details.


Consultation meeting held with Trade Unions on 13/04/2023

Job Descriptions

JD and ES Early learning Childcare Support Worker
Size: 223.71 kb
Date modified: 15-09-2023
Lead ELP JD and ES
Size: 221.46 kb
Date modified: 15-09-2023
Keyworker JD & ES
Size: 224.31 kb
Date modified: 15-09-2023

Pay Scales

Pay scales can be found on this page

Timeline Document

Updated timeline document issued to staff via e-mail. The document can also be found here. More information can be found in the below Powerpoint slides.

VRS Timeline
Size: 736.81 kb
Date modified: 20-11-2023
NLC7 Timeline
Size: 738.03 kb
Date modified: 20-11-2023
Lead Practitioner VRS Timeline
Size: 737.71 kb
Date modified: 20-11-2023
Lead Practitioner Timeline
Size: 739.48 kb
Date modified: 20-11-2023
Implementation Timeline
Size: 741.55 kb
Date modified: 20-11-2023

Important Update for employees retiring on the grounds of redundancy/efficiencies

Individual Consultation Meetings

Individual consultation meetings were held in May / June 2023 in every early learning establishment to ensure that all those in scope had the opportunity to discuss and understand the proposals. Meetings were conducted by an Education and Families Manager and an HR Representative. Where employees were members of Trade Unions a TU Rep was also  available on the day.

Powerpoint Presentation

ELPs ELC Workforce Presentation
Size: 772.80 kb
Date modified: 17-04-2023
EEL ELC Workforce Presentation
Size: 765.60 kb
Date modified: 17-04-2023
ELC Workforce Engagement session part 1
Size: 969.16 kb
Date modified: 27-11-2023
ELC Workforce Sessions part 2
Size: 2.84 mb
Date modified: 27-11-2023

Relevant Documents

Size: 966.21 kb
Date modified: 17-04-2023
Career Pathway July 2023
Size: 1.54 mb
Date modified: 20-07-2023
Workforce Change Policy Updated April 2024
Version: 1.0 - 05-02-2019
Size: 975.51 kb
Hits: 2960
Severance Information Guidance Note
Version: 1.0 - 03-2016
Size: 81.35 kb
Hits: 1634
Early Years - Information
QA September 2023 – V4
Size: 63.27 kb
Date modified: 28-09-2023
ELC Update for inclusion at My NL
Size: 14.17 kb
Date modified: 30-06-2023


Please direct any unanswered questions to – elchrenquiries@northlan.gov.uk

Updated on 20th November 2023

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