***Itrent Recruitment launched LIVE on Monday 27 February 2023 and any new advert requests should now be progressed through the new process. Further details on the new process can be found here on MyNL. If your vacancies are currently being advertised on Talentlink then you should progress through the existing process.***

NLC Recruitment

Getting the right applicant into a role is very important and understanding the processes around recruitment and how to progress with it quickly makes everything run just that little bit smoother.

See below for the elements of the recruitment process and what you need to know as a manager.

The Recruitment Policy can be found here.

Important Information for Recruiting Managers

Changes to Employee Contracts of Employment Effective from 6 April 2020

Effective from this date North Lanarkshire Council as an employer no longer has a 2 month period from commencement of employment to issue a written statement of particulars (contract).

It will be our legal obligation to issue a contract of employment to the successful candidate prior to commencing employment. Failure to comply with the rules relating to section 1 statements could expose us as an employer to a claim for compensation of two to four weeks’ pay per worker..

It is therefore crucial moving forward that managers do not agree a start date with a new employee until all pre-employment checks have been completed and the Employee Service Centre has been advised at least this should be at least two weeks in advance of the start date allowing time for the contract of employment to be issued.