Non-Teaching Staff (Single Status)

This page is created as part of the Head Teachers Hub, you will find information on the topics below relevant to your Non-Teaching Staff.

Discipline Framework

We all recognise the importance of having standards of conduct and performance for everyone, the purpose of our discipline policy, therefore, is to ensure that when rules are broken or things go wrong that every employee will be treated fairly and that the decisions we make will be consistent regardless of where you work. More information can be found in the links below;
Discipline Policy
Version: 2.0 - 28-02-2019
Size: 634.79 kb
Date modified: 13-09-2019
Discipline Policy Guidance Note
Version: 2.0 - 28-02-2019
Size: 1.21 mb
Date modified: 19-11-2019

Employee Change Forms

Employee Change Forms have been developed as a replacement of the Notification of Change Form. Managers who are based in Schools and Family Learning Centres such as Head Teachers, Depute Head Teachers, Head of Centres will be on a different email domain and such should use the form for email ending The forms can be accessed on the Employee Changes-MS Forms page.

Faster Payments

A guide on faster payments for managers can be found here.


Grievance procedures provide a mechanism whereby problems in relation to work, the working environment or working relationships can be raised and addressed. These problems should be dealt with speedily and fairly before they can develop into major problems or, potentially, collective disputes.
Grievance Policy
Version: 2.0 - 28-02-2019
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Date modified: 13-09-2019
Grievance Policy Guidance note
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Date modified: 14-01-2022

Smarter Working

If an employee is considering reducing there hours or another flexible working option you can find information on the councils Smarter Working Policy.

Leave & Absence

Find information relating to relevant types of leave accessible to Non-Teaching staff. This includes entitlements around sick leave, family friendly leave and annual leave as well as details relating to special leave and career breaks. Leave & Absence page

Leaving NLC

Whether retiring or leaving NLC there are some things employees need to be aware of to ensure they get the correct pay on their departure and all parties know well in advance of the agreed leaving date. Visit the Managing Leavers page for details the process and procedures to be used when an employee is leaving.

Supporting Attendance

Managers have a key role to play in creating and maintaining a culture that promotes the health and wellbeing of our employees, and in supporting employees to maximise attendance at work  including those affected by ongoing ill health. Information can be found on the Supporting Attendance page.

Pay Deadlines

Below you will find the pay schedules and service deadlines, including iTrent open and close dates for the 2022-2023 period. If you are looking for deadlines to submit information to the Employee Service Centre you should refer to document entitled “ Service Payrun Deadlines” If you are looking for deadlines for claims submitted through myself you should refer to Payrun Deadlines for myself/myTeam.

Pay Scales

Information on Pay Scales can be found on the Payscales/Increments page.


Managers can find information regarding recruitment and the recruitment process here.

Time & Expenses

Information on Mileage and Overtime claims can be found here.