Applying to Work With Us

All applicants will be treated fairly and will be assessed purely on their ability to successfully perform the job. We appoint for each post on the basis of relevant knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications. To do this, we will use the job description & employee specification to assess an applicant’s suitability for the role.

The advert summarises the job description and employee specification, detailing the main responsibilities and tasks the role entails along with the knowledge, experience and skills required.

Job Description & Employee Specification

The job description describes in detail the elements of the role, the tasks, the key responsibilities and the skills required to do the role.

The employee specification describes the knowledge, skills and experience required for the role in more detail than the advert. It is usually broken down into two levels:

  • Essential criteria – the criteria you must meet as a candidate to be shortlisted for the next stage
  • Desirable criteria – criteria that would be beneficial for you to perform the role more effectively but is not required for shortlisting.
Updated on 9th October 2019

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