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Card Exchange – ID Badges

Card Exchange 

Card Exchange is our new I.D Card Printing system which allows administrators to create I.D cards for employees and print them in one easy step-by-step process.  

Whether you need a new card for a new employee, a replacement for a lost card or an updated one due to job/post change, your service’s administrators will ensure you receive this.  

In this page you will find who the Administrators are for your service, where the pickup points for I.D Cards are as well as contact email addresses for any queries you may have within your service. 


If you are an administrator, you can make use of the video guide and below a brief step by step guide for you to follow when creating, approving, and printing I.D Cards.  

Technical Support for Card Exchange Admins 

if you are experiencing any technical issues, please post your query in the teams channel and include relevant screenshots. This will be looked into by the team, please note the team aims to provide an initial response to queries within in two working days of receipt.

If you need the card exchange software set up on a laptop or need a new admin added, please email the People Helpdesk team at :- (Please provide your employee number and asset number in the email to the Helpdesk)


Obtaining a New or Replacement ID Badge 

Individual Requests: 

If an employee requires an ID Badge, their manager will need to complete an ID badge request form via MS forms. Education school staff should use the education school employee’s request form and all other staff should use the non education school employee’s request form. The employee will receive an email to let them know the badge is ready for collection form their requested collection point. Please ensure you select the correct collection point for your service.  

If you require any assistance with the MS form, please contact esc-workforceengagement@northlan.gov.uk and a member of the team will contact you.  

Multiple Requests (more than 5 employees): 

If you require more than 5 new ID Badges or replacement ID cards, please contact the collection point for your service and an administrator will share the bulk upload managers template with you to complete. Please note when you are emailing the profile pictures to the administrator, please ensure all photos are saved the employee’s employee number as the name of the picture. In your email, please include the cost centre and if the employees require secure access.

Non-Education Employees

Click here to access the ID badge request form for Non-Education Employees

Education employees

Click here to access the ID badge request form for Education School Employees.

Education employees will need to send your photo with your employee number as the name of the photo to ictcorporate@northlan.gov.uk

Collection Points 

Service Pickup Point Date/Time Contact 
Facility Support Services Bron way, Cumbernauld By Appointment officefacilitysupportservices@northlan.gov.uk 
Housing  3rd floor, Civic Centre, Motherwell By Appointment Businessdevelopment&support@northlan.gov.uk 
Leisure  Tryst Sports Centre, Cumbernauld By Appointment Debbie Wright  
Chief Executive’s Office Reception Area, Civic Centre, Motherwell By Appointment civiccentre-cardexchange-badgeidrequests@northlan.gov.uk
Regulatory Services & Waste Solutions Souterhouse Depot, Coatbridge. 3rd Floor Civic Centre, Motherwell By Appointment Support Services 
Education & Families 
Door entry is collected at the Civic Centre
By Appointment ictcorporate@northlan.gov.uk
Environmental Assets2nd Floor Civic Centre, Motherwell By Appointment envassetssupport@northlan.gov.uk 
Greenspaces Strathclyde Park  By Appointment Angela Gibson 
Social Work Scott House, Motherwell By Appointment socialworkid@northlan.gov.uk 
Card Exchange - Reprinting Cards
Size: 650.97 kb
Date modified: 25-07-2022
Manager Template
Size: 26.93 kb
Date modified: 09-08-2022
Card Exchange - Test - Admin Template - August 2022
Size: 23.24 kb
Date modified: 13-09-2022
Card Exchange Quick Step by Step Guidance - for Admins
Size: 203.70 kb
Date modified: 15-08-2022
Updated on 21st February 2024

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