Civic Centre, Motherwell

Civic Centre is the main headquarters building for North Lanarkshire Council.

Details of the facilities available in the building can be found below along with a floor plan that details which services are situated in which areas of the building.

Facilities contained within Civic Centre include a number of bookable meeting spaces of various sizes, informal breakout spaces and a cafe where hot and cold food is served.

In the civic centre, meeting rooms can be booked using the outlook facility and guidance to using the booking system can be found below. Meeting rooms cater from four people to 30 people.

You may have noticed that there are now break-out areas on different floors of the civic centre, including in the central reception space on the ground floor with further locations established throughout the building and would request staff familiarise themselves with these areas.  

In addition, getting some time outside is good for your health and wellbeing, as well as just to clear your head. Take a look at the new outdoor spaces that we have created in the central garden area in front of the civic centre (lower ground level). There are picnic benches and seating areas to meet with colleagues, have lunch or a quick blether.

Civic Centre
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