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Diversity Champion Programme

Find out how to become a Champion and more!

About the Diversity Champions Programme

The Diversity Champions Training Programme is changing – more information will follow soon.

List of current diversity champions

Chief Executive’s Office

  • Robert Gibb, Digital Learning Adviser
  • Pauline McCafferty, Learning & Development Manager
  • Andrew McNaughton, Infrastructure Support Officer
  • Audrey Cameron, Equalities Manager

Enterprise & Communities

  • Andrew Greenhill, Streetscene Driver
  • Jason Rooney, Fleet Controller
  • Paul Black, Driver
  • Graham Hall, Streetscene Supervisor
  • Libby Lochhead, Housing Advisor listed twice?

Adult Health & Social Care

  • Alex Campbell, Rehabilitation & Mobility Officer
  • Clare Morris, Senior Integrated Care Worker
  • Maxine Devlin, Operational Learning & Development Senior
  • Lynne Clifford, Senior Quality Assurance Officer
  • Michelle Goodship, Senior Social Worker
  • Martin Brown, Service Delivery Co-ordinator
  • Nicola Toy, Senior Social Worker
  • Marion Sankus, Locality Leader
  • Peter Sweeney, Social Worker
  • Mary Ritchie, Social Worker
  • Susan Paterson, Housing Co-ordinator
  • Claire Liddle, Locality Support Worker
  • Dawn McIntyre, Senior Clerical Assistant
  • Fiona Cameron, Senior Officer Younger Adults
  • Elizabeth O’Neil, Social Worker
  • Susan Travers, OT Assistant
  • Margaret Stewart, Locality Social Work Manager
  • Alison Laughlan, Rehabilitation & Mobility Officer
  • Rajinder Juttlay, Senior Social Worker
  • Mary Oliver, Operational Learning & Development Lead

Education & Families

  • Alison Findlay, Senior Education Psychologist
  • Leontia McLaughlin, Home School Partnership Officer
  • Gillian Aitken, CLD Worker
  • Nicola Barlow, ALN Worker
  • David Pearce, ASNA
Updated on 11th April 2023

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