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Festive Closures

As part of a collective agreement in April 2012, the Council agreed to the closure of a number of council offices and other premises on the working days between Christmas and New Year. 

Employees employed in these establishments are required to allocate 3 annual leave days to the festive closure, unless advised by their employing service that they will be required to work.

Employees that are required to attend their normal workplace (or an alternative workplace, if advised to do so) on one or more of the working days between Christmas and New Year will not require to allocate annual leave to the day(s) and should attend work, as advised.

As this agreement related to the closure of offices (and therefore employees being unable to work), questions have been asked as to whether or not this continues to apply this year, as offices are already closed and staff, in the main, work from home.

The Corporate Management Team (CMT) has confirmed that it will continue to apply this year to services who are normally impacted by this agreement.

We will look to undertake a review of this collective agreement next year.

Updated on 18th April 2024

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