The Grievance Policy applies to all Local Government and Craft Employees.

Teachers & Associated Professionals grievance information can be found here.

Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that an employee may have relating to their place of work which they may choose to raise with their line manager.

Examples of issues that may cause a grievance include:-

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Health and safety
  • New working practices

Each stage of the internal grievance procedure must be applied and completed before moving to the next stage. Employees cannot raise a grievance in relation to the terms of a Collective Agreement.

Any issues of clarification or interpretation should be referred to the Head of People Resources (or relevant Chief Officer where local Collective Agreements are concerned).

Employees who wish to request a re-evaluation of their post cannot do so under the Grievance Policy. Such matters should be submitted via the Procedure for the Re-evaluation of posts.

View the Grievance FAQ for more information on this topic.

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