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HR Business Partner Use Only

This form is for HR Business Partner use only.

Guidance and attachments you may need are available at the bottom of this page. Any issues relating to the forms should be directed to escprocessreengineering@northlan.gov.uk

Employee Changes – Change of Designation/ Contractual Status – HRBP OnlyUse this form to notify ESC of employees changing designation due to restructure/job evaluation and for changing employees’ contractual status I.e., temporary to permanent or contracted to casual.

Work Pattern video Guidance

Managers With a northlan.gov.uk email address

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Date modified: 14-12-2023
Notification-of-Reporting-Managers-Form (1)
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New-Work-Pattern-Spreadsheet-May-2023 (3)
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Employee Changes Guidance Note -V4
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Updated on 29th May 2024

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