Maternity and Shared Parental leave

Information below relates to our maternity policy and the rights of our employees in relation to maternity and shared parental leave.

If you become pregnant during your time with us we will support you during and after your pregnancy. The following maternity provisions apply to all pregnant employees regardless of hours of work and contractual status.

If you are employed under the Scheme of Salaries and Conditions of Service for Teaching Staff in School Education click here for further information.

Managers should note that a new & expectant mothers risk assessment should be conducted when an employee notifies you of their pregnancy.

Maternity Policy
Size: 719.23 kb
Date modified: 28-03-2023
Maternity Policy Employee Guidance
Version: 1.0 - 04-2015
Size: 187.92 kb
Date modified: 13-09-2019
Maternity Leave (Non Teaching) Flow Chart
Size: 69.07 kb
Date modified: 21-06-2019
Employee Guidance - Maternity Leave (Non-Teaching)
Version: 2 - 07/03/2019
Size: 130.09 kb
Date modified: 03-02-2022
Employee Guidance - Keeping in Touch Days (KIT) (Non-Teaching)
Version: Nov 2019
Size: 110.82 kb
Date modified: 03-02-2022
Shared Parental Leave - Guidance & HR08 Form
Size: 265.16 kb
Date modified: 21-10-2019
Employee Guidance (Non-Teaching) - Shared Parental Leave
Version: Nov 2019
Size: 119.48 kb
Date modified: 03-02-2022
Updated on 14th December 2022

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