Parental Leave for CLNL Staff

Planning time off to care for your children?

We recognise that you may have responsibilities with regard to the care of your children, and these can vary due to the child’s age and individual circumstances.

Parental Leave allows us to plan together for periods of leave when you wish to concentrate on the needs of your children.

The purpose of parental leave is to care for a child, i.e. looking after the welfare of a child, and includes making arrangements for the good of a child.

Caring for a child does not necessarily mean being with the child 24 hours a day and leave might be taken to enable you to spend more time with young children.

For example:

  • to spend more time with the child in the early years;
  • to accompany a child during a stay in hospital;
  • checking out new schools;
  • settling a child into new childcare arrangements; and
  • to enable family to spend more time together, for example taking the child to stay with grandparents.

Please note that leave connected with a child’s health other than attendance at hospital, is covered by the NLL Special Leave Policy or CNL Special Leave Policy under “Time Off for Dependants”.

NLL Parental Leave Policy
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Date modified: 11-02-2021
NLL Parental Leave Policy Guidance Notes
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Date modified: 11-02-2021
CNL Parental Leave Policy transferred from NLC April 2013
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Date modified: 25-02-2021
Updated on 24th February 2021

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