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Payroll & Pension Team

The Payroll & Pension team remit is to provide a comprehensive and compliant payroll and pension function. It impacts on the financial affairs of our employees as well as the business and the HR management. 

Payroll & Pension supports the business to ensure compliance, continually reviewing processes and contributes towards quality management and benchmarking to deliver best practice. 

Currently there are 5 payrolls to manage: 

1 four weekly paid payroll 

1 fortnightly paid payroll 

3 monthly paid payrolls 

Calculating Payroll: 

Ensure Tax, NI & Pension are calculated 

Analyse sample pays to ensure that they are correct 

Identify errors and remedy them before the final run of the payroll 

Calculated overpayments 

Process Faster Payments for underpayments 

Pension Processes: 

Ensure pension is deducted at the correct rate 

Auto enrolment  

Regularly report to Pension agencies – SPFO, SPPA, NEST etc. 

Retirement forms, opt outs of pension and other pension forms 

Balance & Reconcile Payruns: 

Produce file to HMRC for electronic transfer 

Produce payslips (paper & E-payslips) 

Reconcile to the General Ledger 

Reconcile Childcare Vouchers 

Other Tasks: 

Upload data from HMRC – Tax code changes 

Third Party Claims 

Employers Liability Claims 

Specification of Documents 

Enquiries referred from the Helpdesk 


The structure of the team is as follows: 

Payroll & Pension Manager – Lorraine Buttery 

Payroll & Pension Specialist – June Murray, Hazel Taylor, Kerry Harrison & Lucy McCabe 

Payroll & Pension Senior Analyst – Diane Barr 

Payroll & Pension Analyst – Liz Wilson, Sam Gaul, Daniel O’Neil, Joanne Gallacher, Louise Quinn, Gordon Moir, Derek Lowrie, Claire MacGregor, and Sandra Stark 

For any enquires please contact the People Helpdesk via email. 

Third Party Employers Liability Claims Spec of Doc V2
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