Resignation & Notice for Teachers & Associated Professionals

You may terminate from your post with the council for a number reasons e.g. resignation, retirement, end of temporary contract, recruited to another post and redundancy etc.

What do I need to know?

Where you are resigning from a post, but intend taking up a post elsewhere within the council i.e. via a recruitment process, you should advise your line manager of this to ensure you are not terminated entirely from employment with the council.

Notice periods

Unpromoted and Associated Professionals: 4 working weeks’ notice

Promoted: 8 weeks’ notice of which 4 must be working weeks

What do I need to do?

If you are resigning from your post within NLC or resigning from one of your posts within NLC you should process your resignation via mySelf as soon as possible, to ensure your manager actions your resignation request via myTeam which will notify the Employee Service Centre (ESC) in time to meet the payroll deadline so that your pay is calculated accurately. You should return your ID and any equipment e.g. laptop, mobile phone etc to your line manager. Guidance for this process can be found here – ‘mySelf Resignation Process Guide for Employees & Infographic Resignation Process – Employees’. Please note, this process is only followed if you are resigning from your post(s). Transfers into another post within NLC do not require this process.

What does my manager need to do?

After a 48 hour cooling off period, your manager will receive notification of your resignation request and action the request via myTeam. Your manager will discuss your remaining annual leave entitlement (if app). Once your request has been actioned you will receive a confirmation email. The ESC will also receive notification of your approved resignation and ensure your final pay is calculated accurately. Your manager will also arrange for your access to any IT systems to be ended.

What else do I need to consider/be aware of?

You should inform your manager of your intention to terminate from your post as soon as reasonably possible, to ensure the ESC are notified timeously and that your pay is calculated accurately to avoid any overpayment of your salary.

If you wish to be considered to work on the temporary teacher register once you have left your current role, please complete the application form below.

How do I get further help with this?

You can contact the People Helpdesk
You can contact the People Operations team

Supply Register Application form
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